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    Breakbeats, as in "A breakbeat" have been known and used for around a hundred years, and are widely known for being sampled by many early producers of hip hop, where the "break" in a song, usually only a few seconds long, is looped to create basis for an entire new song.


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    I dont post everything here but you can stream or download various djs sets i`ve shared.

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    Mix cloud is a streaming site click and listen to various sets.

    You dont need to sign up to mixcloud to listen.Inside here you'll find live recorded dJ shows as well as archived podcasts from the Breaks to the future show recorded on the Nsbradio breaks webstation station


    Various dJ sets and music production

    You'll find various older dj sets and tracks here


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    These are the breaks.

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    Been breaking beats across North America since 1992

    Marty McFly

    Breaks dJ - Downtown Canada

    dJ MartyMcFly is one of Canada's original breakbeat dJs. He started mixing back in 1992 and continues to break beats today by combining the oldskool funkybreaks of yesterday with the newskool digital bass of today. Both dJs and music lovers can order his music either via his beatport page or using itunes.


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    Whats that vinyl? The Breakbeat Edition

    Going through my vinyl collection to see what I got again. I'll catalog what I'll play and comment on tracks if they bring back any memories. Music will mostly be break beats. But I also collected some house, techno, 80 & 90s hiphop and classic rock. Thanks for listening with me. You can subscribe to the channel here.

    Promo video

    recorded on the east coast

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